The book kept me captivated until the very end, I was, however, suffering the whole time. Even afterwards – I felt like I’ve inhabited the protagonist’s struggle to wake up from an alcoholic delirium with an unspecified feeling looming over me, as if something unknown yet distinctly horrible had happened to me. It didn’t help that in this case the reason was obvious (the book!) and that my memory of it was all too clear. The story is not only about a drunkard (and perhaps a murderer? No spoilers), but also written as if a drunk would have written it. Not a bad thing by itself, yet here only the limitation of such a state were shown. It was just a prolonged version of the numb, repetitive, disoriented anguish experienced in a drinking stupor. The reader is stuck in this womans head, a place where not a single sober thought points to the exit.